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The kitchen has become bolder than ever before, as it has taken centre stage in our lives

More than just a place for chopping, baking, frying, and washing up, the kitchen has become an area for socialising and relaxing, so it’s no surprise that kitchen interiors are becoming more colourful and welcoming. Kitchens today are more than just places for preparing meals. They are becoming more multi-functional as homeowners use kitchens as gathering spaces, a second dining room, and even home offices.



This year, homeowners are moving beyond plain white and embracing bolder aesthetics to create spaces where you can do more than just prepare food. No longer regarded purely as a utilitarian space, kitchens are increasingly being used as social zones where the family eats, works, and entertains.

Nikki Hunt, principal of Design Intervention – a Singapore interior design firm that was recently awarded the “Best Kitchen Design (Singapore)” by the International Property Awards 2022-2023 – says she’s seen more kitchens being furnished with decorative lights, wallpaper, comfortable seating, artworks, and mood lighting – elements that were previously relegated to living and dining spaces.

According to Hunt, an effective way to enliven your kitchen is by painting the cabinets.

“This can be done using either bold, vibrant colours for a dramatic look, or a pastel or muted tone for a subtler effect. Consider the overall style and theme of your home before deciding on a colour for your kitchen cabinetry,” she says.

“But if you’re not yet ready to commit to a vibrantly coloured space, then keep the cabinets a plain or neutral colour and add a colourful feature island or pops of colour via stools and feature pendant lamps instead.”

Another way to jazz up your kitchen is with a colour-backed glass backsplash. “This is a great option for backsplashes as there are no grout lines so it’s easy to keep clean and looks very sleek too,” Hunt says.

To turn a “cooking zone” into a social gathering zone, Clifton Leung, founder of Clifton Leung Design Workshop, says nothing beats a kitchen island accompanied by high-backed upholstered bar stools.

“In our post-pandemic world, reconnecting with friends is becoming more important than ever. Kitchen islands serve as a central hub in the home where guests can comfortably gather for pre or post-dinner drinks in a relaxed and homey atmosphere,” he says.

If your kitchen space is limited, Leung suggests incorporating a petite round kitchen island that also doubles up as an extra storage and worktop space.


According to Leung, silver, black and nature-inspired colours are in trend right now. “I like to use a stone grain silver finish for cabinet doors to create a light and modern look for kitchens. The unique stone grain silver pattern adds character texture to the space and works beautifully with black window frames. Coupled with discreet recessed ceiling lights, the overall design is calming and inviting,” he says.

Leung also adds silver to his kitchens by introducing silver trolleys and mirror backsplashes that reflect the silver tones of the cabinets or appliances. To create a texturally intriguing kitchen, he also likes to use translucent glass to enhance visual fluidity.

“Translucent glass can be used as backsplashes or as sliding screen doors or partitions that can be employed to create different zones within the kitchen,” he says.

A good complement to silvery shades are earth-toned hues, and these can be incorporated in the form of wooden cabinets or rich-veined warm-coloured marble.

“Wood cabinets and stainless-steel backsplashes offer an eclectic mix of materials. Pairing finishes from two ends of the spectrum – warm and cool – you can create a kitchen that has a distinctive fusion of cosiness and cool chicness,” he says.

“By contrasting silvery materials with warm wood or wood- coloured finishes, you can create a layered look in your kitchen.” For smaller apartments, he suggests sticking with lighter earthy hues to make the space feel more spacious and brighter.


Use accessories, vases, or decorative plates to add more personality to your kitchen as Hunt did when combining modern white cabinets with a vintage Indonesian table in one of her projects. “By adding a freestanding vintage table, I could bring a lovely, relaxed vibe to the kitchen we worked on,” she says.

Leung says that furniture with curved edges and easy- to-maintain cabinet doors with stone or wood-grain patterns are very much in vogue for kitchens right now.

“Furniture, lighting, or appliances with curved silhouettes have a calming effect and create a natural flow of movement in the kitchen. You can even incorporate curves in your built-in cabinetry,” he says.

A curved countertop, for example, can visually connect one end of the kitchen space to the other. “This adds harmony and balance to the space, while offering extra countertop space for buffet spreads when entertaining,” he says.

It’s important to choose the right light fixtures as these can enhance the ambience in the kitchen and affect the psychology of those who use the space. Leung suggests installing smart lighting with different intensities of brightness or different colours to create different moods for special occasions.

“You can have the lighting adjusted for a romantic dinner for two, a Christmas family gathering or a casual dinner with friends,” he says.

Another great way to brighten your kitchen is by getting an architect to include a skylight in the space to draw in natural sunshine. Of course, a kitchen isn’t complete without its cooking equipment. These days most new kitchens and kitchen renovations include smart ovens, refrigerators, induction cooktops, dishwashers and coffee machines.


  • 挑選廚房面材、廚櫃和水槽時,應以具備耐用、易潔和優質面飾的產品為主。

  • 規劃廚房設計時,應先考慮直間布局,細心思考你會如何使用這個空間,然後再安排電器和家具的擺位。


With its sleek and innovative designs, EuroCave offers state-of-the-art wine cellars and cabinets that preserve and showcase your wine collection. They create the perfect environment for aging and enjoying your wines. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a professional sommelier, EuroCave delivers unrivaled quality and style to transform your home into a wine lover’s paradise.

Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas)

A quality island serves as the perfect starting point to designing a kitchen. Clad in a sophisticated colour combo of matt brown, stone black and bronze embellishing, Mia Cucina’s Island Kitchen employs the Spanish ultra-compact surface with clearly veined textures that makes it equal parts durable and aesthetically appealing. Its L-shaped base cabinet is dressed in an Italian nanotechnology material that inhibits bacteria growth and resists scratches while being free from fingerprints. 


The award-winning Blue Pure Filter Faucet offers tasty and health-boosting drinking water straight from your own tap. The two-in-one tap combines two separate inner water ways for filtered and unfiltered water. Sleek and minimalistic, it blends into every kitchen’s design and ambiance seamlessly. 


The design concept of the UNICO® Kitchen is based on the idea that the cooking range forms the heart of the kitchen, where the exhaust hood is the lung. It’s a concept that has been well-received by those who enjoy gourmet cooking. Visit the UNICO showroom and browse its wide-ranging products for more design inspiration.

Kitchen Highlights

CARPOREE offers a wide range of solid surface materials that are made from a mix of acrylic/polyester resin, minerals and natural pigments. These come in a huge spectrum of colours, patterns, and natural-looking textures – from dynamic to subtle and ever-popular marble – and are waterproof and heat-and-stain resistant.

The recently launched Silk Collection brings a silky touch to sinks and countertops, at an affordable price. The material is composed of unique compounds that result in sleek, super thin yet highly robust finish that can’t be achieved with traditional ceramics.

Because the Silk Collection is also non-toxic, non-flammable, resistant to chemicals, and offers a seamless finish – especially around the sink – it is perfect for the kitchen.


Anti-rust performance is of paramount importance to kitchen sinks. With this in mind, the kitchen sink by Sunwave employs the SUS304 food-grade stainless steel materials that comply with Japanese material standards and are produced in accordance with American ASTM standards to keep users at bay from any harmful rust surfaces during use.

The sink is also noise-free thanks to materials that reduce vibration and noise when water hits the sink. Coupled with its stepped design, which allows for efficient drainage, and flexible basin design that is easily rearranged or disassembled, the Sunwave sink is the ultimate solution to make cooking and food preparation a breeze.


Elevate your kitchen with the sleek Electrolux UltimateTaste 700 French Door Refrigerator. This fridge boasts a slimline design that blends flawlessly into any modern kitchen. Its advanced features include automatic humidity control, antioxidant filters and a TasteGuard Ioniser that eradicates bacteria.

Additionally, the added shelves and door bins provide unmatched versatility, while the WaterStream technology dispenses chilled water and ice on demand. Not only is it sustainable and space efficient, but it’s also stylish, making it the ultimate all-in-one solution for your kitchen needs.

Expert Advice
Matthew Li
Grande Interior Design


• Some well-designed kitchens can incorporate design ideas and fixtures from Michelin-starred restaurants, such as functional facets, to enhance the possibility of creating various cooking styles, like Western or Chinese cuisines. Additionally, the design could include heating lamps to ensure that the food remains in its best condition.

Nikki Hunt
Design Intervention


  • It’s important to consider how the kitchen will be used. Start designing your kitchen by thinking about how you will use the space. Think about the most convenient areas to locate your work areas, storage, and appliances before deciding on the layout.

  • The kitchen needs evocative mood lighting but also good task lighting for food preparation and cooking, so have lighting on different circuits and install dimmers for maximum flexibility.

Clifton Leung
Clifton Leung Design Workshop


• As the kitchen is the heart of the home with high-traffic flow, the most important factors to consider when furnishing the kitchen include material selection, functionality, and lighting. Choose sustainable, durable, easy- to-clean laminated materials of premium quality that are stain and burn resistant. Go for a multilayered and a highly adaptable lighting scheme to suit different needs and occasions.

• Use discreet under cabinet lighting to create an even illumination for task lighting and work surfaces where you need to see clearly. Install dimmers that allow you to change the colour or intensity of your lighting for different occasions.

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