If you’re planning to design a new home, or are looking to upgrade your existing kitchen, here are some ideas to get you inspired. 

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If you’re planning to design a new home, or are looking to upgrade your existing kitchen, here are some ideas to get you inspired. 

If you’re planning to design a new home, or are looking to upgrade your existing kitchen, here are some ideas to get you inspired. 


Nestling kitchen counters, sinks, bars, ice-makers, coffee machines or microwaves within built-in cabinetry are a great way to give your kitchen a sleek and compact look. Interior designer Clifton Leung, of Clifton Leung Design Workshop, says that nook-style kitchenettes or pantries commonly found in Hong Kong nano flats are popular this year and are particularly suitable for small homes.

“It’s also possible to have such kitchens hidden behind doors, so the kitchen can be fully concealed when not in use,” Leung says.

JJ Acuna, founder of JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio, adds: “When designing a concealed kitchen ensure the door panels seamlessly align with the finishes and millwork around it.”


The subtle use of bright bold colours can enliven even the simplest kitchens and imbue them with a fun and festive vibe. “White-themed kitchens work better with pops of colour than darker schemes,” says Acuna, who usually adds splashes of colour on the cabinets or backsplash in his clients’ kitchens. 

Photography: Greg Cox/ Bureaux

Another way to bring colour into the kitchen is with RGB colour lighting. Leung says: “You can use RGB colour lighting above kitchen counters, bars or concealed kitchens to change the mood for cooking, cocktail hour or dinner. RGB lighting allows you to change the colour according to different occasions so you won’t have to commit to a single colour.”


Strong-veined marble surfaces add a touch of drama and sophistication to any kitchen. Not only are such surfaces aesthetically engaging, according to Leung, marble counters, because of their cool temperature, are also ideal for making pastries and chocolate.

Photography: Dekton by Cosentino

“When choosing a marble top, make sure the colours match the rest of your kitchen. For example, if you have grey kitchen cabinetry, white marble with grey veins would be ideal.”

Marble, however, can be costlier than most other surface materials. If you want the marble effect, but would prefer a more affordable and less porous material, Dekton by Cosentino’s Opera, which is inspired by Italian Carrara marble, and Natura, with soft grey veining, are highly durable and easy to maintain alternatives to real marble.

Acuna says: “When choosing a strong vein marble surface, make sure that you really like the colour because you will have to live with it for a long time. If you can’t find the colour you like in natural stone, consider using marble-effect ceramics as these are stain-resistant and can often withstand heat and moisture well.”

Photography: Clifton Leung Design Workshop


Cabinets that are free from knobs and pulls are easier to clean, and emphasise the linear profile of modern kitchens. The Trim kitchen system created by Argentinian designer Dante Bonuccelli for kitchen brand Dada, which combines LED-lit back panels with handle-less sliding glass doors, is a good choice if you want a kitchen with a neat and polished look. 

Photography: Dada by Molteni&C

“Handle-less kitchens are good looking and also easier to clean after use as you won’t need to wipe down all the knobs and handles. Another benefit of handless cabinetry is that when you are standing next to the counter, the knobs and pulls won’t press into your body,” Leung says. 


The colour black can give kitchens a minimalist and masculine look. Stains are less obvious on black surfaces than on lighter surfaces, so black is also a very practical and low-maintenance colour for kitchens.

Photography: SieMatic

Photography: SieMatic

A stunning option for a dark kitchen system is SieMatic’s PURE, which has delicate black aluminium frames, dark lacquered wood-grain laminate, and almost opaque tinted black glass.

When designing a black kitchen, Acuna says it’s important to stick with a maximum of two colour tones. “Think about the various ways that the panelling on cabinets and walls can bring out the nuances of black. Be creative with the design of panelling and walls in terms of form and material. For instance mix black wood with black tiles to add textural interest to the space,” he says.

Photography: Clifton Leung Design Workshop


Metallic finishes bring a hint of glamour to kitchens, and work well with both modern and traditional-themed kitchens. There are many precious metals that work well for handles, pulls, faucets, lighting and storage fixtures in kitchens, and these include brass, bronze, gunmetal or chrome. 

Photography: Greg Cox and Warren Heath | Bureaux; Production: Sven Alberding

According to Acuna, if you have the space for it, above your stove you can include an antique, decorative metal faux hood as a dressing for your modern hood. For a futuristic-themed kitchen, Leung suggests using heavy-duty steel, which brightens kitchens, and is also easy to clean. 


Designed and manufactured in France, the Royale range by Eurocave combines advanced technologies – which include the patented hydro-control system, woven filter and triple-glazed doors – with sleek design that comes in mineral grey and red earth.


Derived from the endless inspiration of open-concept, Mia Cucina takes pride in showcasing a cutting-edge open kitchen for contemporary living to suit every aesthetic and personal taste at the North Point showroom......


CARPOREE offers a wide range of solid surface materials that are made from a mix of acrylic/polyester resin, minerals and natural pigments. These come in a huge spectrum of colours, patterns, and natural-looking textures – from dynamic to subtle and ever-popular marble – and are waterproof and heat-and-stain resistant......


With a total net capacity of 328 litres, Smeg’s new addition to the 50’s Retro Style refrigeration line, bottom fridge-freezer FAB32, is geared with a series of design and technological innovations. The Multiflow ventilation system evenly distributes the air inside the fridge to ensure optimum storage conditions. Combining a large size and rounded edges, its vintage outlook can add a stylish touch to any room.


Harnessing its patented electrolytic ozone generation technology, Biolux’s WSS Automatic Ozonated Water System can eliminate pesticides, harmful chemicals, viruses and bacteria. The solution can revert the impurities to oxygen once they are removed while leaving no harmful by-products.


Sleek and minimalistic, the Blue Pure filter makes water taste fresher and cleaner. Made of drinking-water-approved materials, the filter features a 2-in-1 faucet which combines two separate inner water ways for filtered and unfiltered water.


With an elegant design, combined with the use of authentic superior materials, the V-ZUG Supreme series appliances not only offer a blend of classical grandeur and an enormous amount of space, but also a sense of timeless elegance that will redefine luxurious living. The CombiCooler, Cooler, Freezer and WineCooler can be selected according to personal preferences and special needs, offering an ultimate flexibility to customers......


Electrolux’s new multi-functional 900 SteamPro oven automatically combines steam and traditional heat for sumptuous baking and roasting results. The Steamify® function automatically translates regular oven settings to the use of steam for great tasting results......


Not your typical faucet, GROHE SmartControl kitchen faucet allows users to start the water flow with a push of a button, meaning you can use your elbow or wrist when your hands are full. You can also adjust the water flow simply by rotating the button.

Expert Advice

• If space allows, a U-shaped island will maximise the prep stations for more efficiency and make the kitchen more sociable to interact with guests and family, while keeping the proper distance between the sink, stove and fridge for the kitchen-working triangle.

• An open kitchen should be able to connect with the living and dining room. Choose at least two to three materials to be part of the kitchen design to get the balance between dark and light colours. Darker colours with different shades, materials and textures will help to hide dust and imperfections. Materials such as the natural stone tiles, terrazzo and walnut countertop have created a rich texture that complements the material palette, which makes the great contrasts and personality in Celestial Heights.

• Apart from the functional light setting for cooking, sculptural pendant lights hang above this bar area, along with a LED light stripe on the ceiling, which serves as a focal point for breakfast in the morning or maybe a glass of whisky in the evening.


• A modern New York loft-style kitchen, a glamorous Saint-Tropez resort style or a more industrial Aero style galley kitchen. No matter which style you go for, a good kitchen design should be functional and welcoming for friends and family members into your kitchen.

• I always incorporate kitchen islands into my projects. It gives you a multifunction platform for your everyday living and entertaining – from daily food preparation, cooking, eating, working, video conferencing to weekend baking, or a buffet with family friends. With the right kitchen design, you will be able to enjoy your kitchen for many many years of yummy food, creativity use and so many happy cooking memories.


• A kitchen is widely considered a functional place for storage that is often associated with messy and unsanitary. But a perfect blend of materials and colours, for example, the simple combination of black, white and grey, can visually declutter your kitchen space with style.

• Incorporate your kitchen with the right amount of mirror, aluminium, reflective materials and lighting designs to add a sense of space while bringing surprises to the cooking area.


Kitchens in Asia aren’t for the back-of-house anymore, they’re definitely a space to be shown and celebrated. We’ve had opportunities to design kitchens with high-end finishings – think aged brass, textured glass, marble, and even a crystal lighting fixture.

• In the age of COVID where everyone has pretty much learned how to make sourdough bread or gluten free cakes, and then sharing them online on social media, the kitchen is quickly becoming a space to entertain guests with homemade cocktails or a space that is shared the most of any other space in the home on social media. Make your kitchen a stand out and go bold with materials. Pops of colour everywhere means hospitality at home.

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