In recent years, people’s expectations of a bathroom have become more sophisticated

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In recent years, people’s expectations of a bathroom have become more sophisticated

In recent years, people’s expectations of a bathroom have become more sophisticated. Some homeowners have even made the bathroom bigger in proportion to the space of a home. The bathroom is no longer a corner of minor significance. Renowned architect William Lim says: “An elegantly designed bathroom comes with all the necessary functions. The environment should be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. The bathroom is no longer just a necessity, but the spotlight in a home.” 


Apart from the basic washbasin, toilet, bathtub and shower screen, power plugs and lighting arrangements are essential to a bathroom as well.

Lim says: “A bathroom needs sufficient lighting, and adjustments in lighting should be considered as well. The lighting should be bright enough for applying make-up.”

If there is adequate space, the bathroom can be transformed into a relaxation area. Lim has looked at bathroom designs in hotels and incorporated what he has seen into home bathrooms. If there is available space, a double washbasin can be installed.

“The mirror does not have to be set near or on the wall. If space allows, the washbasin can be placed in the middle of the bathroom like an island, making the area even more comfortable.”


As for colours, Lim recommends using the homeowner’s favourite colour as the bathroom’s main tone. Those who are fond of natural colours can resort to earth tones while adding works of art on the walls or using colourful tiles to liven up the bathroom, Lim suggests.

For those who desire an oriental touch, Chinese patterns or elements will enhance the sense of beauty. Lim points out there are a lot of quality thin tiles or waterproof wallpaper in the market. This can reduce the space taken up by chunky bathroom tiles and add to the beauty of the space.

“Although not many homeowners would use wallpaper in the bathroom, I think it can be used as long as it doesn’t come into contact with water,” he says.

 Apart from this, artistic faucets and cleaning ware can add a dose of elegance to the design. The Bonsai line of faucets designed by Lim has been inspired by Japanese potted plants and infused with oriental elements, adding beauty to the bathroom’s design.

Lim says: “I feel that there hasn’t been any breakthrough in the design of faucets over the last decade. Faucets with simple designs are slippery when your hands are soapy. Meanwhile, faucets inspired by western designs might not be suitable for the space. My goal is to break the monotony and design faucets that complement the Asian lifestyle.”


The bathtub and shower space are, of course, separate. Lim says: “I’ve always focused on the function of the shower faucet. Most shower faucets are turned on after we have stepped into the shower space, leaving us soaking wet. The switch for the shower faucet can be installed outside the shower instead.”

When it comes to the toilet, functionality is of utmost importance. Temperature-controlled toilet seats are definitely more comfortable. As for the flooring, the most important idea is to avoid accidents caused by slipping. There is a lot of anti-bacterial and anti-slipping flooring available in the market.


• The lighting of the bathroom should be adjustable according to daytime and nighttime. For example, during the day, the lighting must be strong enough for applying make-up and other purposes. In the evening, the lighting can be softer to create a relaxed atmosphere.

• Make good use of the reflection of the mirror surface so that it can capture some of the outdoor landscape.

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William Lim

Apart from providing the basic functions, a well-designed bathroom needs to project comfort and beauty for it to steal the spotlight.

The lighting in the bathroom should be adjustable according to different needs. That way, it will create a perfect space for applying make-up and for relaxation.

If space allows, a double washbasin can be installed, and the mirror should reflect some outdoor scenery to create an area for relaxation and rejuvenation.

A bathroom with limited space needs to be designed appropriately for maximum storage. Apart from incorporating a mirror cabinet and a floor cabinet, homeowners should also make good use of the space on top of the toilet tank.

Lawrence Chan
Stay Living

To visually enlarge the master bathroom suite, one of the walls can be replaced with curved glass as a partition. Not only does this bring more sunlight in but it also creates a hotel-like flair. For a bathroom with a hotel vibe, when choosing, opt for embedded sanitary ware design for the likes of toilets and showers to make for a neat and clean bathroom.

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