Turn your bathroom into a spa-like haven with the right choices in finishes, lighting and accessories

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Turn your bathroom into a spa-like haven with the right choices in finishes, lighting and accessories

The bathroom: where showers are cleanses, hygiene maintenance is daily renewal, and getting ready and winding down are transitions, marking the commencement and conclusion of our days. To turn routine to ritual, all we need is a mindset shift—with help from thoughtful bathroom touches and spa-like features, of course.


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There’s no need to choose between having a shower or a bathtub when you can have both. How? By adding a tub to the shower area, of course, suggests YC Chen of hoo.


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Depending on the time of day, you’ll want lighting to energize or relax you, advises Rowena Gonzales of Liquid Interiors. Set the mood in your bathroom by setting its lighting.


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“Mirrors transform a room and give the illusion of a larger space,” says London-based designer Shalini Misra. Whether a large mirror fixed on the wall, or statement piece suspended from the ceiling, this particular element expands a space while creating interest.


Photography: Shalini Misra

Rich, solid textures instantly elevate a bathroom, imbuing it with a luxe feel. Find ways to incorporate a variety of materials and surfaces to your self-care haven, and you’ll enjoy its rewards.


Photography: Shalini Misra

Photography: Shalini Misra

Manage bathroom products and supplies with stylish and thoughtful storage, which not only keep things in order, but also ensures a calm and collected ambience.


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Turn your bathroom into the ultimate haven by incorporating spa-like features—whether through texture or accessories, bath products or fixtures. Make it a place you’ll want to return to over and over for self-care.

  • If your shower has the space for it, consider adding a small tub. Now you can enjoy both, when you wish. In this case, consider having the shower nozzle overhead.

  • Glass doors serve the double function of partitioning shower areas while exposing its patterns. It also keeps the room feeling open and spacious.   

  • Layered mirrors create a unique focal point in the bathroom.

  • Take a unique approach to his-and-hers sinks by differentiating the mirrors.

  • Double the space of a room with four walls by outfitting one of them with a full-length, end-to-end mirror.

  • Get creative with mirror placements—say next to the shower area, perhaps?

  • Mirror placements itself can be their own design

  • Create continuity and interest by extending the marble texture from one element to the next.

  • The rich wood detail in the mirror frames, drawers, and scalloped edges, paired with the Azul Boqueria marble floors, tub, and sinks, all come together in elegant harmony. Beauty, truly, is in the details.

  • Shower niches or shelves are a great solution for storage space.

  • Add a playful touch through coloured and patterned shower tiles.

  • Utilize the spaces under sinks and behind vanity mirrors for storage. Canvas baskets bring additional organizational function, while keeping with the rest of the bathroom’s scheme.

  • Naturally scented beeswax candles, rolled towels, and stylish bath products—which are not only natural and functional, but also add to the décor—take the at-home spa up a notch.

Expert Advice

• Using the same colour tones for the wall and floor tiles adds a sense of space to the bathroom.

• Good lighting is paramount for the bathroom design. Light fixtures for the ceiling and mirror should be precisely positioned to prevent shadows. If curated correctly, light can infuse a relaxing vibe into a clean-lined bathroom.

• Streamline the storage cabinets in the bathroom. If vanity storage is necessary, opt for a floating vanity to visually enlarge the bathroom.

• For the en suite bathroom, try floor-to-ceiling mirrors to add dimensions to the space.

• Add a dose of personality to your bathroom with a feature wall, even if the space is confined.


• I believe the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house as it is the place you visit first and last in a day. That’s why in my opinion working with lighting is crucial. Ideally, you need natural light, it helps you to wake up better. If you don’t have a window in the room you may as well use glass doors or fake windows to provide some natural lighting.

• Try to get the lighting layered. In the morning you will need a lighter space to wake up, and in the evening you should be able to switch to a moody lighting scheme to prepare your mind to rest through the night.

• Usually, we use a combination of downlights and wall lights next to the mirror, and lots of dim LED lights in niches and inside shelves. All the light sources should have a separate dimmer or ideally been integrated into a system like Lutron.

• Downlights are good for cleaning the room, Wall lights will provide nice light for make-up (we use a warm part of the spectrum to get a better skin colour reflection in the mirror). Hidden LED lights are perfect for the evening when you need to feel relaxed and grounded before going to bed.

• We also love to add some music equipment, usually a small speaker integrated into the ceiling for a better experience, as light and music usually going hand in hand.

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