ature-inspired colours, materials, and well-considered lighting can add a sense of grounded comfort to the bedroom

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ature-inspired colours, materials, and well-considered lighting can add a sense of grounded comfort to the bedroom

A well-designed bedroom should be conducive for a good night’s sleep, but also a place where one can unwind, relax, and “re-centre” after a long and active day.

In 2023, warm, earthy colours, along with muted sky blues and sage greens, are top choices for bedroom colours. Raw stone, rattan, and furniture and lamps with bronze details are also increasingly popular choices for bedrooms. Whether you prefer a lighter, more nature-inspired look, or a more eclectic and colourful scheme, here are some ideas to help you design a bedroom that you’ll enjoy spending time in.


Nature-inspired décor and maximalism are in vogue for bedroom design this year. Prue Vercoe, managing director of interior design studio Atelier Lane, in Sydney, which also has an office in Hong Kong, says she’s seen natural materials such as wood, stone and rattan showing up in many bedrooms this year.

“Natural elements like these give bedrooms a cosy, organic feel,” Vercoe says. She also reports seeing a rise in biophilic designs that bring the outdoors inside.

“Biophilic designs that incorporate plants and natural sunlight can satisfy homeowners’ growing desires to connect their bedrooms to nature,” she says.

Elaine Lu, co-founder and managing director of award-winning Hong Kong inter-disciplinary interior design practice Lim + Lu, suggests pairing organic, natural elements with woven fabrics, a neutral colour palette and a touch of greenery.

“A great way to furnish the bedroom right now is with rattan headboards, raw stone accent walls, or plants that thrive in low-light environments,” she says.

If you prefer to go with a maximalist theme, Vercoe suggests adding a contemporary touch. “At Atelier Lane, we like using maximalist geometric elements, and also beading works on walls or maybe wainscoting to give the bedroom a bold and distinctive character,” she says.

If your bedroom has wooden flooring, she suggests adding a bold rug for more luxury and comfort.

Lu’s idea of an effective maximalist concept involves using an eclectic mix of colours, styles and patterns to create a unique, but restful space. She says that Lim + Lu likes to use bold and vibrant colour palettes with a mixture of patterns and textures, as this helps add personality, creativity, and an element of surprise to the space.

“You can add eclectic elements such as Chinoiserie wallpaper, patterned drapery, vintage furniture, colourful bedding, or your own collection of artworks to really enliven a maximalist bedroom,” Lu says.


Key colours for bedroom interiors this year are warm neutral shades, sage green, and muted blue. Lu says she likes to use a warm neutral base palette then add one other colour when designing bedrooms.

“For example, in a bedroom with wood floors and furniture, and rattan details, I’ll add a sage green statement wall or muted blue bedding and curtains. You can also use artwork and decorative items to tie the different colours together – for example you might pair a muted blue vase with green plants and warm neutral wall art,” she says.

Vercoe concurs that neutral shades with warm or sunny undertones are all the rage right now. “This year we are layering neutrals with pops of warm clay and coral as well as darker shades of amber and plum,” she says. Another suggestion from Vercoe is colour drenching – using the same colour for the bedroom walls, ceilings, and floors – to make the room feel larger.

Plaster finishes, raw stone, rattan, and bronze are materials that are also being used frequently in bedroom decor at the moment, as these materials work wonderfully with the in-trend colours.

“You can create a texturally rich space by using a plaster finish for bedroom walls or introducing a raw stone statement wall. Rattan cabinets and bronze accent lamps are also ideal for bedrooms,” Lu says.

According to Vercoe, scalloped or curved-edge patterns, furniture and décor, rattan bedside tables, headboards and storage, upholstered furniture, and wallpaper are great ways to add texture to bedrooms.

“Wallpaper can be used not only on walls, but also on wardrobe doors. You can also upholster furniture in fabric to give the pieces a softer feel. Bedside tables, headboards, and even wardrobe doors can even be upholstered in leather for a more masculine or sophisticated look,” she says.


Lighting fixtures can be used to create a more layered look in the bedroom, and a good way to do this is to use different types of lamps – from floor lamps and table lamps to wall sconces. When choosing bedroom lighting, she suggests considering warm filament bulbs as these exude warmer undertones after dark and can add much warmth to the bedroom.

“Combining functional lamps for reading lamps with accent floor lamps in corners can really create a calming mood in the bedroom,” says Vercoe, who adds that using the right window treatments also goes a long way in creating a relaxing atmosphere and a good sleeping environment.

“If you live in the city or anywhere that’s particularly busy, then investing in good curtains or blinds that block out the light is important for ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.”

For furniture, Lu says that right now lighting and furniture with bronze finishings, vintage pieces, and textured bedding are really popular. She suggests placing a vintage daybed at the foot of your bed, hanging a beautiful bronze light above your nightstands or using soft-hued organic linen bedding to add some romantic old-world elegance to your bedroom.


Bed placement is always important. Vercoe suggests placing the bed in the most commanding position, ideally diagonal to the door.

Select high quality bedding. Not only will the right bedding help you get a good night’s sleep, but it can also be beautiful and soften the room.

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Expert Advice
Prue Vercoe
Atelier Lane

Bed placement is always important. We like to place the bed in the most commanding position, ideally diagonal to the door.

The right window treatments for your bedroom help to create a great sleeping environment. Invest in blackout curtains or blinds to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Elaine Lu

  Be sure to include soft elements such as plush seats and rugs to make the bedroom more comfortable and inviting.

Place different light sources in different areas in the room to create a soothing mood while also allowing for different activities, like reading or relaxing with music.

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Pay careful attention to scale. Be aware of the dimensions of your furniture - not all beds are the same size, so it’s crucial to scale your furniture appropriately.

Go easy on the use of color. Opt for one or two colors that instill a sense of calm and do not conflict with each other. Then, adjust the shades to make the color scheme appear more tranquil and relaxed. Colors such as beige, taupe, and sage green have found favor with our clients. 

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